If you or a family member is interested in joining any of our programs please go to our contact page send us an email and someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours


  • Understanding the basic note structure while learning to read both bagpipe music and drumming notation
  • Correct fingering technique on the practice chanter or holding the drum sticks learning the proper techniques
  • Understanding of music and beat structure in relation to tempos
  • Playing of basic beginner tunes, progressing on to the instruments
  • Progression from practice chanter and drum pads to instruments playing simple beginner tunes

Teaching Program:

  • Time and location of practice facility to be developed in the coming weeks.. stay tuned

Our goal is to create a fun, memorable musical experience for all

      Grade 5 / Junior program

  •  March 1st 7 pm sharp downstairs back room at the Dundas Airforce  Club     

​      Grade 4

  •  March 1st 7:45 pm upstairs at the Dundas Airforce Club
  • Grade 3
  • ​TBA

We essentially have four programs within our band structure capability that cater to various levels of player capability whether a beginner, elementary or intermediate level. The key to our longevity as a band is having new members join at all levels, specifically in the 7 -12 years of age for our teaching program in traditional music of pipe bands and instruments a priority.

We are very fortunate to have very experienced, qualified and talented key band members that enjoy sharing their experience and knowledge of the instruments that have developed players to compete at various levels successfully.


Beginner &  7-12 years of age Juvenile Programs:    

Intermediate & Advanced: